Stephanie Bridals ~ Logan, Utah

Girls don't get much prettier than her. She is a beauty and her dress was stunning. I couldn't get enough pictures of her. Too bad the rain had other plans for us, but we stuck it out for a bit and then called it a day. I couldn't be any happier with the way the pictures turned out!

Marisa Senior Pictures ~ Logan, Utah

I love working with seniors! She was the sweetest person ever and super gorgeous. She gets to start an entire new chapter of her life. This lovely lady is going to be a good one. Get ready world! 


Mason B. Chournos ~ Salt Lake City Baby Photographer

This little boy is absolutely adorable! He is perfect. He never cries and is making his momma so happy. Happy momma equals a happy baby! We did a quick shoot, so we didn't get too many pictures. The ones we did get are great! Enjoy.

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